Hockey Association of Chhotanagpur Tribals (formerly known as Welfare of the Hockey Association of Chhotanagpur Tribals) was formed in 1997 and subsequently with minor amendment made on 1.1.2014 with the basis of no-profit-no-loss has the main objective to spot the upcoming talents and shape the boys and girls of Chhotanagpur tribals by conducting hockey tournaments, coaching camps, seminars, etc. of their community game i.e. hockey so as to enable to represent them at National and International level. The other objective, which has bearing to the former, is to build a vibrant community of tribals to face the social challenges due to poor background it faces as the game of hockey attracts tribal people to the venue of hockey tournaments. It is operated through its own bank account opened in Dena Bank at Safderjang Development Area, New Delhi.

The Association has been conducting the hockey championship since 1997. The first edition was held in 1997 with 18 teams in attendance. Later on it was increased to 40 teams of men hockey teams and 3 women hockey teams. Now currently Association conducts the two Hockey Championship on league-cum-knockout basis for men annually. The Association has decided that there is need to focus more of weaker gender i.e. women hockey teams by enhancing 8 hockey teams from the present 3 teams for their promotion and empowerment through the game of hockey by conducting an additional hockey tournament annually.

Tribals from Chhotanagpur region (parts of Jharkhand, Orissa, West Bengal and Chhattisgarh states all belong to Scheduled Tribe category by the respective states) started migrating to Delhi after India’s Independence seeking better career opportunities due to poverty and illiterate at the place of stay which is not readily accessible. The number of migrants increased as the years passed by. Presently, more than five lakh people from Chhotanagpur region are settled in Delhi. Mostly, they are employed in Government offices, public sector undertakings and private sectors. As we all know the game of hockey flows in the blood of the tribal people of Chhotanagpur region, we felt the game can be resorted to as the hunting ground for the search of best talents of hockey for the country.

The boys and girls in every village have been playing the game of hockey as a tradition for years. Many villages hold tournaments for the village people (no age bar) and many teams from adjoining villages participate in the tournaments. Many hockey players of Chhotanagpur region have given their services to national hockey team, which went abroad and won the trophies for the nation. Some of them are Mr. Jaipal Singh, the first “Oxford Blue” in hockey, was the member of the Indian hockey team at Amsterdam Olympics, 1928 which won the gold medal, N. Toppo, Michael Kindo (Arjuna Awardee), Vincent Lakra, Ajit Lakra, Sylvanus Dungdung, Dilip Tirkey (Arjuna Awardee and Padam Shree), Ignace Tirkey (Arjuna Awardee and Padam Shree), Bimal Lakra, Birendra Lakra(Sr.), Birendra Lakra(Jr.)and many others had played for the country in the Olympics and World Cups. In the women side, tribal girls were there in the national side right from the year 1990. Some of the popular names who donned the Indian National Team include Jyoti Sunita Kullu (Arjuna Awardee) Hana Nag, Yesmani Sanga, Dayamani Soy, Savitri Purty, Sukro Sanga, Pushpa Topno, Bishwasi Purty, Gloria, Alma Guria, Rajkumari Banra, , Pushpa Pradhan, Sumrai Tete, Sabita Ekka, Ursela Toppo, Goreti Tirkey, Jyoti Kujur, Mukta Xalxo, Adline Kerketta, Masira Surin, Fardina Ekka, Bimla Kujur, Mary Stella Tirkey, Kanti Baa, Subhadra Pradhan, Asunta Lakra, Poonam Toppo, Premshila Kujur, Marita Tirkey, Sushma Kiran Minz, Sushila Lakra, Fulmani Soy, Amrita Minj, Binita Xess, Sarita Lakra, Binita Toppo, Guddi Kumari, Neelima Kujur, Anjana Barla, Ranjita Barla, Sarita Hembrom (Hanuman), Reena Kanti Ekka, Suniti Kispotta, Mukta P. Barla, Helen Soy, Agnesia Lugun, Paulina Surin, Aerrita Toppo, Annarita Kerketta, Shahina Kispotta, Sumitra Tirkey Anita Ekka, Asunta Lakra, Deep Grace Ekka, Namita Toppo, Sunita Lakra, Lilima Minz, Anupa Barla and many others.